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Software, the name, has become so common that even young kids could explain what the software is. As information technology has progressed and software development is no more a secret, even high school students are designing software. But the main question is, does the software imbibe qualities that could help it in surviving in a long run, are their scope for assimilating more with new update, coder assure the flawless performance of the software number of time, practically the answer of all these questions is dubious and to ensure that the software delivers quality that could protect its market position. We are introducing what is software quality assurance testing.

What is Software Quality Assurance Testing

The software designing is a complex procedure and there are various steps involved in the process for the completion of the project successfully and software quality assurance testing is one among them. The process ensures that the end user gets the flawless experience while using the software.

SQA makes it possible to design a flawless software. The software quality assurance is an essential step for all kinds of software. No matter what development model has been followed by the developers, the SQA team implements the software testing methodology to test the quality of the software. In SQA, the focus is on each phase of development, it ensures that each phase is bug-free and ready to move to the next level. The software development task could move ahead only if it followed the set standard.

Software quality assurance follows industry standards like ISO 9000 and capability maturity model integration (CMMI) for software quality guidelines.

QA versus QC:

Are you looking for quality assurance or quality checking? These two terms look similar, but they are rather different from each other. When we talk about quality assurance it is a process, the overall guideline that needs to follow at different phase o the development, whereas a quality check is a more production-focused process. The QA is followed to ensure that the software is designed to meet certain requirements, whereas a quality check highlights the issue in the product by inspection.

The task of QA in software development is to ensure that the codes work well at every step and the end product is free from malfunctioning, whereas in QC testing and troubleshooting is performed to fix the error.QualityAssuranceSoftwareTesting

Quality Assurance in Software:

The SQA follow the set standard, and it helps in preventing patterns that can cause errors in the development phase. Finding the error and fixing it at does not guarantee error-free code, as fixing the error at one point may create trouble at different points.

The process of SQA saves time and money. This is the reason now SQA has become an integral part of the development part. Even with checks and quality assurance, bugs might interrupt the progress and could cause defects.

The SQA Process Usually Consists of the Following Tasks:


1. Process implementation:

It is the first phase of development where design team works in coordination with the development team and SQA team and SQA team chalk-out the quality assurance process for the software development that includes activities and tasks. All this process is documented and followed in the development phase.

2. Product assurance:

To ensure that the products are designed as per the requirement, all tasks and plans are documented, including the execution plan. It helps in assuring that contractual obligations demanded by the clients have been fulfilled.

3. Process assurance:

In this phase, assurance is provided that the software development process follows the plans designed for the process of development.

4. Assurance of quality systems:

In this step, the SQA team monitors the development process and measures parameters of the software (project), based on which a decision on the assurance of the software is provided.

Advantages of SQA:

SQA is highly beneficial for designing a quality and flawless product. It helps in delivering the promised quality. SQA play a crucial role in:

  1. Eliminate errors that can disturb the budget if left unattended
  2. Helps in designing high-quality software
  3. Improving the process of creating software

The SQA plan:

The SQA plan is a documented direction of the process that needs to be followed in a software development task. The development process is monitored to ensure that it is following the documented course of action to avoid any glitches and ensure the end product meets the preset standard. There are various plans to ensure QSA such as IS09000, SEI CMM, and Baldrige.

Work with a professional software development agency, they follow software testing and software quality assurance in order to design and deliver a top-notch end product. After all, it is the quality of the products that matter. At IPH Technologies, there is a dedicated team of engineers for SQA and software testing.