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Senior Software Engineer


Location: Lucknow.

We are hiring a Senior Software Engineer to develop software solutions by studying the collected information needs and system flows to implement the functional software solution. You will be required to work with senior management to fulfil the software requirements and lead the projects.

As a Senior Software Engineer, you are required to work independently under a little supervision from the senior team members. You must be able to quickly solve problems and provide instant solutions for them. Your ultimate goal will be to develop high-quality software that completely satisfies our customer needs and get aligned with our business goals


Relevant experience being a Senior Software Engineer
Experience in scripting, project management and software development
Relevant experience using automated testing frameworks and system monitoring tools
High-class knowledge of programming languages (Android studio SDK, Objective-C, Swift, PHP) and Android, iOS platforms.
Familiar with different operating systems (Linux, macOS, Windows)
Active mind with problem-solving skills
Ability to work independently
Good organizational skills
Excellent leadership skills
B. Tech/MCA in Computer Science or a pertinent degree

UI/UX Designer



Location: Lucknow.

At IPH Technologies, we are seeking for a good UI/UX Designer to work on our software and turn them into easy-to-use products for our clients. Your responsibilities will be gathering, researching and evaluating the user requirements, to design the graphics interface elements and build the navigation components. We are hiring experienced designers who are skilled in using design software and wireframe tools.

You will take to uphold of creating appealing features matching with our client’s expectations and help us to grow our customer base and maintain a good reputation among our clients.



Relevant work experience being a UI/UX Designer or justifying a similar role

You are required to show a portfolio of projects designed by yourself

Good skills and enough knowledge of wireframe tools i.e. and InVision

The Latest knowledge of design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Good Photoshop skills

Strong Communication skills

Ready to work with a team and focusing on bringing the best results

Able to manage time according to the deadline

B. Tech/MCA in Computer Science or a pertinent degree

Project Manager



Location: Lucknow.

At IPH Technologies, we are hiring for the post of Project Manager, he/she will be responsible for Setting Deadlines, Managing The Projects, Assigning Tasks to the developers and Review The Progress Of Projects. You will be responsible for managing the project technologies, cost, setting milestones and allocating the tasks.


Relevant work experience being a project manager in IT sector

Experience in planning strategies for risk management

Deep knowledge in project management software and tools

From a technical background with experience in web and mobile app development

Strong skills in written and verbal communication in Computer science or equivalent degree/s

Business Development Executive



Location: Lucknow.

We are seeking, a goal-oriented Business Development Executive/Manager to help us in expanding our business and increasing our clientele. As a BDM, you will be at the front of our company and dedicated to applying effective sales strategies.

Your ultimate goal will be to maintain sustainable financial growth by boosting sales and shaping sustainable relationships with clients.



Relevant work experience as a BDE, Pre-sales executive or a post justifying this role
Relevant sales track record
Proficiency in CRM Software and MS Office
Fluent in English, written and verbal both
Good market knowledge
Good communication and negotiation skills
Ability to build rapport with the customers
Lead generation skills
Planning and Time management skills
B. Tech/MCA in Computer Science or a pertinent degree

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