Flutter App Development

Flutter App Development

“In this 21st century, people tend to be more active in the digital world. There are lots of innovative ideas in app development and this brought about the term known as Flutter App development.”

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a useful tool which is used by product owners, app owners and everyone that chooses to have an application development. Flutter app development platform is developed by Google so as to give developers an easy method of developing good app, fast and reliable one on Android versions as well as the iOS version.

Why Flutter is needed for Developers and App owners

Faster and Reliable

This is one of the major benefits of the flutter app development. Flutter apps are fast and does not hang even while on the old version of Android and iOS like the Android jelly beans and the iOS version 8.

Good Design

The design of the Flutter app development is unique and makes it different because it is very easy in creating a widget or to customize the existing ones to what suits your application.

Testing Ability

In the Flutter app application, a term known as Less testing serves as an important factor. It refers to the process whereby developers have two platforms for the same application. This tends to make the quality assurance process faster and for one codebase, the quality assurance specialist has to test the app on both platforms to check differences. With the help of flutter app development, It makes the app look the same on both newer and older versions of Android and iOS. Other reasons and benefits derived from the flutter application include: Flutter app development increases productivity, it is integrated with Google’s OS Fuchsia, it has code magic support and it brings about ending thought for developers and app Designers.
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Unique features of Flutter app Mobile Development

Some of the unique features of the flutter app development are:

  • It enhances productivity by using the same codebase for multiple platforms.
  • It is fast, reliable and facilitates the building of app with the UI components.
  • The major features are based on the so-called Dart programming language and it is easy to learn.
  • It is an open-source development application which is free and most times reduces the hassle of reloading by developers.

Here, IPHS Technology offer flutter app development services like a catchy UI design, a good flutter app development using DART programming language, loveable customize widget design and many more. In addition, the flutter application is no longer in the beta version. Google announced this early in the month of May that the new version is now 1.7 which is stable and has enough technical maintenance.

IPHS also provides Native and Hybrid Mobile Application Development, for reshape the existing Website pages into a Mobile App, a developer not need extra learn a new skill. With existing knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java Script.

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