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Type Script

What is type Script

Microsoft TypeScript (TS) gives us the ability to construct error-free coding environments when used with various JS-based frameworks. Because of this, web pages and applications can be provided in a more timely and dependable manner. An established web development company known as IPH Technologies has a team of TypeScript’s developers accessible for hire. These developers are professionals in discovering, inventing, and mastering the most cutting-edge technologies for large scale projects.

What exactly is it that it is that we do?

Application Development for Businesses:

You can rely on our TypeScript specialists to create enterprise-grade applications with a fantastic user interface that are also scalable, robust, and engaging.

Developing a Mobile Application:

We have become proficient in the TS scripting language, which allows us to develop web-based applications by integrating it with various frameworks based on JS.

The Development of Applications Based on TypeScript:

For example, create intuitive applications for a wide range of industries, including online shopping and financial services.

TypeScript consultation and advice

Employ a TypeScript expert to assist you in integrating this technology into your existing and any future mobile and internet applications you develop.

Maintaining and Offering Assistance with

Because we are employing TS as a scripting language, we can always upgrade and maintain the application. We assist companies in making the transition from JavaScript to TypeScript by utilizing an approach that is both pragmatic and low risk.

Maintaining and Offering Assistance with

Are you taking a more global perspective?

App Development Catering to Mobile Platforms

When building mobile applications for smartphones and tablets, it is critical to consider the design carefully.

Customization of Web Development

Websites where the owner has complete editorial control over the material and where expansion is possible.

Customization of Web Development

Websites where the owner has complete editorial control over the material and where expansion is possible.

type script development

Are you taking a more global perspective?

Providers of Services about the Design of User Interfaces and Creative Work:

Designing the user interface and user experience in such a way that it gives the user a one-of-a-kind identity and experience

Management of Infrastructure Hosted in the Cloud:

Cloud architects that have been trained and certified by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and are competent to set up and administer an entire cloud system.

Web development with TypeScript working in the background:

What is the big deal here?

We don’t use TypeScript simply because it’s available; that’s not why we choose to use it. Recruit JavaScript developers that are also fluent in TypeScript and know what  they’re doing. When it comes to post-launch customer care and the creation of new products, there is no substitute for excellent quality.

How exactly do we do the task that has to be done?

Our TypeScript developers are aware that combining these two criteria is the only way for us to attain success in the market. You know the industry, while we have experience working with several application areas.

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