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The purpose of designing the app is to make it available for the users. There are platforms that are specifically designed for applications. The distribution of the app is the important step and application stores are the best place to connect the app with its users. Upload your app to such stores, optimize them for the current and potential users and make the app available for public.

If you have designed an android application and want to distribute the app to the android users, then Google Play Store is the place for you. Though, there are other app stores as well, but the credibility and reliability of this platform is highest in the android market and if the app is available at Play Store then users are more confident about its credibility, reliability, and performance.

If you are ready to cater the users with your cutting-edge app, then here we are sharing step-by-step procedure on how to upload app to play store and get ready for the huge distribution opportunity. This post is specially developed for Android developers who are a newbie and unaware of the Play Store procedure, policy and payment.

How to upload app on Google play store

Create a store ready app:

Design an app with a proper theme, graphics and icons and get ready for the game.

Register for Google Play:

To publish your app on Play Store, you must register at the store. Creating the account is easy as there are fewer formalities, audit takes few minutes to register your account as an android app publisher on Play Store. Google charge $25, one-time fee.

Seal the app with the signature:

Sign the android app with the signature for authenticity.

Prepare to Publish:

If you don’t want to get a rejection in your first attempt, then follow Google store listing content and get success in the first attempt. While uploading the app, make sure you are ready with:

  • Andromo application file (APK) to be uploaded. The file should be less than 50 MB in size.
  • Give a title to the app
  • Small description of the app
  • High-Resolution Icon
  • Add minimum 2 screenshots and maximum 8 screenshots per type of device.

Login to your Gmail Account:

Login to Gmail account and go to https://play.google.com/apps/publish/ link for uploading the application.

Create a Merchant Account:

Developers can sell apps, instead of opting for the freemium plan. But for that, they must create a Google Wallet Merchant account.

How to Add New Application:

Log on to your Google Play Store account, go to the +Add New App button. On clicking this button, you will get two options; Upload APK and Prepare Store Listing. Choose your option to proceed further.

How to Upload App to Play Store (APK):

After completion of Android app successfully a link for accessing APK file is mailed, this link can be downloaded. Click Upload APK button, upload the file and APK file is uploaded, now the next task is preparing Store Listing.

Store Listing:

It is a Store listing that decided how the app will appear to the users on Play Store. While preparing a store listing publisher should provide information like graphics, icons, text, screenshot, a category of the app, contact detail, and privacy policy. Once all the required information is updated, click the save button once the listing is completed, the next step is pricing and distribution of the app.

Publishing your App:

Once all the information is submitted and pricing is decided, the final step is to click, a “Publish this app” button. The application will appear in the store after a few hours.

Editing the Listing:

Google Play Store allow the developers to edit or upload the new version of the app anytime. Implement the changes and save them, and it will be updated on the store in a short period of time.

Explore the potential of the app world. Whether you want to earn from the app or the app is designed for promoting the business, it is crucial for the developers to know how to upload and manage the app for the better exposure, and distribution.