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Technological boost has indeed worked to make our surrounding ‘modern’ and inspiring, to accept changes in our lifestyle. Augmented reality (AR) is the popular trend which has hit a major share of the global population who are in contact with smartphones. A number of social media apps have started AR app development as part of their offerings. But what exactly is AR technology?

Aggumented Reality App

It does sound like a dynamic, futuristic notion, but to be honest, this technology was around us for many years. Augmented reality is purely about overlaying computer-generated images with your visions or idea about reality. Hence, this leads to the creation of a composite view which augments or enlarges the real world. Currently, there is a major surge in the creation of augmented reality apps for a variety of purposes, and developers all across the globe are busy fiddling with their minds to frame a satisfactory augmented reality app.

Steps to Frame a Beginners AR App

Do you have the knowledge of AR app development? Once you know how to make AR apps, and you create one which is getting popular, you possibly can get paid significantly.

Check out the steps below to start the tutorial:

  • Plan an excellent idea which you want to execute via this app. The motive should be clear, which attracts your target audience.
  • Moving forward, you need an appropriate AR software development kit (SDK). Lots of augmented reality development kits are available, so the choice isn’t that easy. To make the right choice, you should select a tool for AR app development according to the functionality of your mobile app. Some of them are Vuforia, Wikitude and ARToolKit which require a profound knowledge of C++, Java, or C#. If programming languages are not your forte, then opt for an easier solution. In this case, tools like BlippAr or Aurasma are an admirable choice for beginners.
  • Also, it is important to know that AR needs the presence of 3D objects. You can download existing models available online.
  • Create a 2D tracker, which relies on appearance models which are image templates and also scanned by AR-aided devices.
  • The next step is to set up an image as a target. Create a unique design and prepare all the necessary 3D models, pictures, text files and data. Here, you need to select which images you want to augment.
  • Put all the elements together on a platform of your choice and work accordingly.

What’s your next step? Set your imagination free and envision how augmented reality apps can empower your business. Before you are heading up, it is important to note that choosing the right platform is the most important task to make AR apps successful and satisfactory. Just remember that platforms like Aurasma Studio, the simple ones, do not give you the whole package of opportunities, that you expect from professional SDKs. You cannot employ 3D objects the way you would in Vuforia or Wikitude.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started and enjoy your AR experience!!

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