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Why should you choose to utilize Postgres from IPH Technologies? 

IPH Technologies has applied its operational skills to data to achieve its goals. IPH Technologies possesses a distinctive set of capabilities because the company has managed millions of data stores while also running Postgres on the cloud for more than a decade. In addition to having engineers available around the clock to help with troubleshooting and data restoration, we also have product managers whose sole responsibility is to become familiar with your organization’s unique use cases and objectives.

Adjustability in terms of sizing: 

Programs that are driven by data are accustomed to witnessing peaks and valleys in customer demand. The database management system Postgres from IPH Technologies makes working with them a breeze. Our managed PostgreSQL fleet dynamically adjusts its size by the number of database resources you require whenever your app’s traffic patterns shift.

Make better use of the knowledge you have:

IPH Technologies Postgres is a fully managed service that relieves you of administrative workload, allowing you to focus on extracting the most value possible from your data. Through the utilization of follower instances and database forks, your data transforms into a flexible resource that can be used to perform risk-free experimentation with various use cases.

Regulatory and risk-free:

IPH Technologies Shield Postgres ensures PCI and HIPAA compliance for applications that use the Postgres database in enterprises subject to regulatory oversight. Because DevOps handles patching and the adjustment of security settings in response to shifting risks, you can focus on developing your application without distraction.

Make better use of the knowledge you have:


When you fork a database, you are essentially copying the code responsible for its functionality. The cloning of your complete database can be accomplished with only a single command. It is easy to try out new features by employing a straightforward method known as running new schema migrations against a fork of your production database.


Your databases allow the data to be queried and updated in clones that are read-only and known as followers. It’s always been a work that required a great deal of complexity and a high level of specialization to get started and keep things operating well. In situations when there are followers, this is not the case.

Data clips:

It is unnecessary to use analytical dashboards and tools to communicate the insights gained from data. Using the Data clips platform, any member of your team who is familiar with SQL can construct reports on real-time production data in a way that is both quick and secure.

Integrating reliable data in the following areas:

This is the IPH Group. Postgres can function as the foundation for a multi-cloud architecture. It is possible to perform real-time data synchronization with Salesforce when using IPH Technologies Connect.

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