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Augmented Reality or AR combines data from your physical world to the data developed with digital tools and technology. Within a few years from a science fiction, AR turns out a most popular future technology among the Smartphone users. The Augmented Reality apps make use of mobile camera and gyroscope to project internet information or digitally created objects and images with a backdrop of your real world in your cell phones.

In the commercial field, augmented reality apps for iPhone or Androids are completely changing user’s experiences of online and offline shopping. The virtual trial rooms allow users to try out how any particular dress or a pair of jeans will look on them before actually buying them, and this step lessens the returning of the purchases. The same logic applies when you are thinking of repainting your house or looking for brand-new furniture. For example, Du lux Company, a huge name in paint world, makes use of an AR app to display consumers how their chosen color will finally appear on their wall. This technology immensely supports your promotion campaigns.

Augmented Reality apps for Android assists project managers on construction sites to monitor real time work-in-progress through AR markers on equipment. They can point any machinery into the desired location through augmented applications and can decide whether a particular piece of the machine will properly fit at the required place or not after the final building of the factory. Digital plants and maps save lots of actual time and efforts of the workers.
Companies are incorporating the additional reality feature in providing training to their executives and enhance their learnings with real-life simulations. In addition to offering authentic virtual experience to the executives or apprentice, this future trend is becoming quite popular among students of various sectors. Medical interns in hospitals can perform surgeries without putting the life of patient’s in risk through the help of AR apps, and astronauts aspirants can experience and learn about space mission’s right from their living room.

Games development companies are excited to make use of this technology in creating augmented reality games which are becoming famous among youths and adults to enjoy in their free-time. Pokemon does not need any introduction, and it’s an AR game. Smartphones users of the application catch Pokemon as their avatar traverses across a real world map based on the player movements.
Many tourism business houses are making use of augmented reality apps, which help tourists to find routes to a desired location and hotels in a matter of seconds. The AR technology helps in translating signs on the street, so now you can easily travel in foreign countries, provide information about sightseeing through an addition of a layer of an alternate reality. Marketing departments in the corporate got something really awesome to re-plan their consumer’s retention strategies. You can create a buzz in the market and surprise your customers and clients, which your competitors can’t. This technology is way more engaging and helpful in customer’s attraction than typical media content.

The potential for generating revenue through the integration of augmented reality in their business plans is enough. This integration will bring more customers to your stores. Your inventory and products will get a new life. Businesses selling good product/service but lacks customer attention can benefit a lot from AR apps.