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At present, the iOS App Store is one of the main challenges which are faced by iPhone app developers. If you face the problem of rejecting your app from the Apple app store, then concentrate on guidelines of the app store to resolve this problem. The guidelines of app store are helpful for mobile app developers.

Apple, iOS App Development Company, has about 5 million apps on his App store as per Tech Crunch, by 2020. The iOS App Store is the main business of Apple. The company made generally $38.5 billion from App Store in 2017. For maintaining a strong status before submitting the apps to the Apple app store, you must follow some basic rules and guidance for app review.

“There are several reasons can be found that’s why Apple may reject your app from the app store”

Have a look at some basic reasons:-

Insufficient Data

About 16 percent of rejection from the App store of Apple due to less information provided by the app developer. App developers should provide full information and explain their apps as per guidelines by Apple.

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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Apple is very strict for apps which appear in the iOS App Store. Without getting the permissions of app developers and information about access on how to use the data, apps cannot transmit data about a user. The account registration of app and privacy policy must be included in the app, otherwise they will be rejected by the App Store.

Content Quality

There is about 4 percent of the apps which are rejected by the app store due to not have relevance when compared with the functionality of content provided. The descriptions, previews, name screenshots of apps are not relevant to the content and functionality of the app then they will be rejected as per guideline 3.3 of the Apple app developer.

Bugs and Crashes

There is about 12 percent of the apps are rejected due to the presence of crash and bugs in the apps. If you complete the app and ready for published then, first, you should submit the app for review. The company advises for app developers that before submitting, you will be sure to carefully test the app on the devices and confirm that bugs and crashes are not found in the apps.

Not Suitable App Name

About 4 percent of the apps are rejected because of the not suitable name of the app. The name of the app which is listed in the App Store should be the same as the name of the app when it gets installed on the device. This will help to prevent confusion for the users to identify the app. Names of the app are demonstrated on the device should be same and prevent confusion as per guideline 3.4 of the app developer.

User Interface

The users provide a high value, creative, refines and simple content through interfaces as per guideline 10.6. If the user interface is very complex or not good, then it may be rejected by the App Store of Apple.

Non-Complaint Legal Requirements

There are about 5% of apps which are rejected by the App store due to they appear confusingly similar to an existing Apple product. The company needs apps should be unique with their names, icons or interface and discourages imitation of any other apps. If the apps have false, fraudulent or misleading representations or use names or icons similar to other Apps then they will be rejected by the App store of Apple as per Guideline 22.2 of the Apple App Developer.

Process of app submission


Have you ever think that why apple have tight rules and guidance to publish app on Apple Store? The reason is quality matters the most, Apple always tries to give the best user experience to its customer. So, we suggest before starting your iOS app development, make your road map clearly, and you can get in touch with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. It’s help you to give the basic idea and right path to make your proper design and user interface to develop the app.

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If you’re still facing the problem or don’t have time to resolve it, you can consider the outsourcing your project from the various Apple app development company like us. IPH technologies build up apps always approved into the iOS App Store 100% on time, we have an expert team which can help you anytime for iOS app development.