What is Augmented Reality and How it works?

What is Augmented Reality and How it works?

Augmented Reality:

Have you heard about Augmented Reality? Are you wondering what Augmented Reality meaning? Then let us tell you that it is an enhanced version of this physical world where business can achieve its profit by using visual elements, sound, stimuli delivery, etc. Nowadays it is a trend where every company does mobile computing and business application.

It is mainly used in gaming, where users get a more realistic experience while engaging more senses. As an example, you can take it in this way when you go shopping online, you get limited product photos, but when you get video and 360-degree images that time you explore more, and you like to buy it. This is Augmented Reality Applications.


Virtual Reality:

If you want to create a simulated environment, then you can use the best computer technology called Virtual Reality. Like other traditional user experience, VR gives an inside user experience. It will not show the screen in Infront of them instead, it will interact with the user through 3D words. It has many senses like vision, hearing, smell, touch, etc. and this artificial world computer works as a gatekeeper to transform the things.

It has immediate recognizable component which has head-mounted display (HMD). In this current scenario human beings are the visual creatures who believe in display technology and there comes the difference between immersive virtual reality system and traditional user interface.

Virtual reality application need more than graphics. In this human being has to be more clear about hearing and vision to react more quickly if necessary. To make it more reality, you need to have accurate environmental sound and spatial character.

Augmented Reality Examples:

Though AR technology is an online app, it does work in a different way where users can understand the difference. There are a few examples which can discuss below:

Home Depot: Decorate home is not a an easy task. Buyer search colors online, and most important, selected colors must be the same while doing the project. Sometimes seeing in a computer can give a different effect where the reality is different. Home Depot has released a different Project Color app where patent technology get used so that buyer sees the clearly what the paint color and after the completion how it will look. This will show you the real-life effect.

Timberland: This company understands the mind of the customer where they have implemented a new virtual fitting room where the customer no need to go to the fitting room for trial their clothes, they need to allow shoppers to see their image of their face and their body. Then it will automatically show the customer in a different outfit. Augmented Reality App makes things possible in every way.

AMC Theaters: Delivering a message to the audience is the most important thing where they need to show the positivity of the movie through the trailer. Whenever the audience sees the movie poster in the theatre they open the AMC app on their phone through some link that time, they must see the positivity in the trailer so that they do the immediate booking.

How does augmented reality work:

As you know, Augment Reality makes everything into a digital interface, which is placed by virtual objects in this real world. It is seen in the market in a wide way where you can distinguish with three main categories of Augmented Reality tools.

In Augmented reality, 3D viewers have a very important place where user get 3D models in the environment without using the trackers. All trackers are simple image where 3D models gets attached with augmented reality.

In these browsers are available, where user’s camera get a display with contextual information. As an example, you can point the camera on the building, and it will display the building’s history and estimated value.

The best part of Augmented Reality is gaming, and the user can get the best immersive gaming experience which you can utilize your actual surrounding. This What is Augmented Reality used for.

Augmented Reality can be used for all types of screens, and it can be connected with all kind of design. Through mobile device like tablets, smartphones, etc. it makes hologram and manipulates 3D models. Many apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

For PC, it works through webcam, and it relayed through the screen. As a user, you need to manipulate the tracker in front of the screen.

Augmented reality vs virtual reality:

Augment and virtual both are different, but both allow the tech to change the world the way you want to look. The term is very confusing, but most of people think that both are the same. Here you will get the difference.

Augmented Reality uses an existing real-world environment where to put virtual information on top of it and enhances the experience.

In this case, Virtual reality makes an entirely different environment which is rendered by computers. Users will get immerse, and they will get the pic of the actual location through this reality app. Due to this app, the reality viewer can look up, down, whichever way they want to see.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs. Machine Learning (ML):

AI and ML are both hot buzzwords now and it often gets interchange. Both are not the same thing but the difference are not much, so only it creates more confusion.

Artificial Intelligence com combines two different word, “Artificial” and “Intelligence”. Artificial indicates that there is something which is made by human and intelligence means the ability to work. The actual AI is a study where they train computers so that computers can do the right thing.

Machine learning is the acquisition of a skill or knowledge. Its aim to increase the accuracy, and it does not care about success. There are many Augmented Reality App Development Company available in the market, you can select the best one from it.

We hope this article can solve your all query and help you to take correct decision.

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