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Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping Services

Prototyping Services: Take your Online Business A level Up

IPHS Technologies, offer one of the Best Mobile App & Rapid Prototyping Services India, or a list of prestigious clients across the country. They are quintessential elements to eliminate the communication impediment between the customers and the developers. Since our inception, we have focused on building models that can save money for the businesses. Due to impeccable capabilities, our company has quickly become the Best Web and Mobile app Prototyping Company in India.

Our team has gained proficiency in developing IOS and Android app prototyping applications. We create product according to the standard principles of usability and UI guides. The applications help to clarify the technical specifications of the product before the start of the development process.

Why prototype is essential?

As one of the leading Prototype Web Designing Services India, we generate clickable prototype for the clients before starting with the coding and quality assurance process. With our application, you can analyse the capability of the database design. In fact, it also provides a detailed preview of the features, design and call to action of the products. They are tested in real time situation to examine the efficacy of the product. We are considered as the Best Wireframe and Prototype Design Company India to ensure seamless communication between in house development and the content, functionality and data hierarchy of the application.

The process:

We verify and validate your app concept with the help of use cases and performance scenarios. Our team creates interaction diagram and process flows to determine the functionality and UI design. The engineers create array of mockups and wireframes of the application. They are assembled together to generate functionalities that can form mobile prototypes on the screen. In the last stage, our developers define app architecture in relation to the technological constraints.

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