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Download and install Android Wi-Fi ADB directly from IntelliJ / Android Studio:


file/Settings->Plugins->Browse Repositories and then find Android WiFi ADB


For beginners, the problem is general to connect the device through cable and run the app.

If you want to easily connect your device to run, debug or deploy your Android apps over Wi-Fi you can use an open source IntelliJ Plugin that I’ve found.


Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Then press the button (android logo with Wi-Fi Icon on your android studio toolbar, as shown in GIF.) and disconnect your USB once the plugin connects your device over Wi-Fi. You can now deploy, run and debug your device using your Wi-Fi connection. Remember that your device and your computer have to be in the same Wi-Fi connection.

If you want to handle your device’s connection individually, open the Android WiFi ADB dashboard you will find at the right of your IDE.


Your system and mobile should connect with the same network (Wi-Fi) to use the plugin.


No need to worry about loose contact of cable.

No Internet required to use this feature.

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