Magneto E-Commerce Development

The open-source platform has provided a new opportunity to developers as well as entrepreneurs to design small or big online retail stores with ease. There are plenty of open source platforms that allow one to design fully functional store and Magneto has emerged as one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce development. Its functionality and easy customization have made it one of the most popular choice among the developers. Rich in Plug-in and extensions, it has all the features that make it a perfect choice offers a safe shopping experience for its users.

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“The platform is owned by eBay, it is one of the best free open-source eCommerce solution for online retail stores.”

Magneto is available in 3 versions.

  • Community Edition (open source)magento ecommerce development
  • Enterprise edition
  • Magneto Go (hosted solution)

If you are considering magneto for your next e-commerce store, then here we are giving you more reasons to stick to this flexible opens source. You can connect with IPHS Technologies for custom Magneto development services.

It is free:  Magneto is a free platform and anyone can create a website using the website. Easy to install, and update, the platform has made it easier to update the store from time to time without much hassle, making it more useful for the end user.

Easy catalog Management:  updating latest catalog on the running store has become easier. Magneto supports easy updation, deletion, and editing of the product. It has a complete inventory management for easy catalog management. It even supports smart features such as resizing and watermarking the image.

It is SEO Compatible: The platform is SEO friendly so you don’t have to worry much about the store optimization. The platform makes it easy to manage page traffic, indexing, landing page, duplicate content, and descriptions. It also has inbuilt features for generating Google sitemap. It supports search engine friendly URL.

Magneto is mobile friendly:  If you wish to have an  magneto e-commerce development  store that runs smoothly on mobile devices as well then Magneto is the right choice for you. Magneto platform makes it easier for the mobile buyers to shop and explore through their Smartphone. It supports mobile HTML5 technology, providing a better experience for the end users.

magento ecommerce development

Order management: Invoice generation, shipment, and credit no matter how big or small the store is, with platforms like Magneto it becomes easier to manage orders directly from the admin panel.

Payment & Shipping: Payment and shipping is another crucial factor that developers, as well as the store owner, consider while choosing an e-commerce development platform. Magneto offers several payment and shipping options. It supports complete SSL security support for front end and back end orders. One can easily manage shopping cart tax and shipping cost on this platform.

Tracking, Analyzing & Reporting: You don’t have to worry much about the tracking and reporting while working on magneto as this platform makes it easier to generate sales reports to total sales to refund invoices. The store owner can generate a report indicating the market trend that makes it easier for the store owner to manage the website without much trouble.

Customer Service:

Magneto scores high on customer support tools as well. It supports all international and local currencies. The platform, offer features such as track the order, contact form, email updates, and cookies notification. In short, the platform builds trust and confidence among store users.

If you are planning to launch an online store, then Magneto can be a good option for you. For small stores and business, Magneto Go is ideal while for big stores ‘Magneto Enterprise’ is an ideal choice. Get in touch with our experts for Magneto e-commerce development.

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