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Agile methodology is an approach that is used by software developers as a way to focus on the changes in the developing world. With Agile methodology, there is a complete focus on the software development of a project based on the changes that are occurring in technology. The Agile methodology focuses on four main values that they focus on.

  • Focuses mainly on the interactions of team and individual than on the tools
  • Focuses on the working of the software than on documentation
  • Focuses on the collaboration of customers over the negotiation of contracts
  • Focuses on responding to the changes in development, then on following a particular plan.

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Types of Agile Methodology

There are two main types of agile methodologies for software developments that can are used in current times:

  • Scrum: Scrum is one of the most popular frameworks that are used in the agile methodology. This framework is characterized by different development stages or different cycles, which are known as sprints. This framework is used for managing the different development projects for various software products. It is a very transparent framework that allows each member of the team to follow the project properly.
  • Kanban: Kanban is a Japanese word that means just in time. This is a systematic framework that has a defined table in which the flow of the production is established. Through this framework, the members of the team would have to maintain clear communication with each other so that they know at which stage of the development they are in.

Agile Methodology

Benefits of Agile Methodology in Software and Mobile App Development

There are certain benefits to choosing the agile method for software development and mobile app development. These benefits are as follows:

  • The agile method divides the whole mobile app development project into smaller sections, which are then treated as individual software development projects. These individual subprojects are then given to different teams, which makes the development quite fast.
  • Due to the continuous change in the market trends, it has become quite a risk for companies to develop their Android app or iPhone app. Through the agile method, you can calculate the risks that would be faced while launching your app in the market.
  • Due to the more advanced nature of the agile methodology, the quality of software development is better than other traditional models.
  • The agile model focuses more on collaboration and people, which means that the team would be working in close contact with the clients. This gives the clients a better experience and connection to the development teams. Also, the client and the development team would have transparency regarding the work.

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