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Our company offers one of the best mobile app development services to the clients across various business spectrums. Since inception, IPH Technology has been delivering customized solution both to the mid and the small enterprises. Our service extends to different geographies located right from west to east of the planet.

We are regarded as the website designing company in Lucknow with multiple services on offer. The company deploys large number of technical professionals who are well versed in handling not only Android but also iOS based applications. We have a long history of working with a list of following clientele:


Modern business is a history of startups, and we are always there to help them in creating new mobile applications. Feature rich software plays an important role in attracting the target audience and boosts the business of the companies. IPH Technologies provide valuable contribution in designing range of applications, right from customer relationship management application to inventory system management system. The products are customized and equipped with seamless user interface.


Enterprise application development is the primary attribute of the IPH technologies, as it helps to optimize the business of the companies belonging to different industrial domains. Our apps are scalable with visually attractive user interface and can be easily loaded into the gadget. They not only imbibe quality but are also cost-effective for the users. Install the application of the IPH technologies and boost the efficiency of the department.


Our mobile app is one of its kinds because it plays an important role in improving the efficiency of the health care sector. Patient records and the history can be retrieved with the help of a single touch button. Armed with right information, medical consultants can provide precise treatment to the patients.

Our mobile apps are responsible for connecting different departments of the hospital and ensure seamless flow of information. Doctors can easily access MRI scans, X-ray, and ultrasound report in the virtual mode. Quick sharing of information flow plays a very important role in deciding the course of treatment as quickly as possible.


IPH Technology is also responsible for creating customized games for the users. They either perform simple functions or belong to complex role play categories. Apps are made not only for the kids but also the adults. High quality resolution and attractive visual interface makes them ideal for the smarty phone of today. We are also proficient in making apps responsible for advertising the trailers for new movie releases.

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Our company has equal expertise in working not only Android but also Apple device. The apps are diverse and help to serve different purposes. We have a brilliant team at the helm to website designing company in Lucknow and gaming applications with amazing ease. Android developers working in our team are second to none in terms of quality. They are skilled and experienced to accomplish projects of varying complexities. In fact, developers have created apps for clients in the finance domain, communication, gaming, and health services. Android applications perform different types of tasks, however they do not cost a bomb. People can purchase them at affordable prices to boost their business prospects by many notches.


Our iPhone development experts are delivering awesome performance. They are highly trained and qualified individuals who are handling projects across different domains. We do not jump to conclusions, but patiently listen to the requirements of the users. After assimilating the information, our focus is to devise long term solution for the clients.

The technical platform is available to resolve the real world problems related to different business categories. Our apps are instrumental in enhancing the productivity of the company. You can analyze the performance of the supply and sales department while on the move.


IPH Technology ensures that the customer do not fall prey to the whims and fancies of substandard providers. Our technical team has recently implemented new work process in the development projects. Therefore, we are able to produce the output within the shortest possible time frame. The structural approach to development imbibes the division of the project into different milestones and timelines. Simplification is the key to perform the tasks according to the requirements and specifications of the customers.