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Sometimes, choosing the frameworks for web application development becomes the very difficult task as, we have to include all factors such as budget, web app size, taken time of development, available resources, and project objective while choosing the right tech stack for your development solutions. And for that purpose and for taking the wise decision, you have to know about the frameworks such as react, angular and Vue in detail. Let us start with the React vs angular vs Vue marketing Google trends comparison to know them better and know the latest state of their usage. According to the Google trends past 12 months state, We analyzed that React seems like a winner, Angular looks second in the list and the share of the popularity of Vue is very small.

React Vs Angular Vs Vue

React vs Angular vs Vue:

Let us compare the React vs Angular vs Vue by following each factor, which helps to decide which framework is better for their web and mobile applications.

Which Framework is easy to use?

Let us compare the React vs Angular vs Vue by following each factor, which helps to decide which framework is better for their web and mobile applications.

Frameworks vs Library which is your preference?

Angular is a framework and that’s why this platform provides you with the good solutions and kick-start your application development process without any insertion of libraries. You have to develop the whole code and design layout itself as per your requirement, don’t have options to add libraries, structures, and routing during the process of development. On the other hand, Vue and React are libraries and as compared to the angular, both are more universal and flexible in use.

When you choose to react, you will get the options of integrating pairs, libraries, and other tools for advanced add-ons in your solutions. But it requires more dependencies if you will add multiple integrations in your web solution.

With Vue, you can develop the integrations more cleanly and also the solution not show complexity as compared with the React and Angular. The Vue libraries are making the perfect balance of the dependencies and integrations to reflects the flexible results.

Conclusion: The Vue and React libraries are better than the Angular framework and have more options for integration without any complexity.

Result: Between React vs Angular vs Vue, Vue wins this round!

One-Way Data Flow vs. Two-Way Data Binding

The one-way data flow and two-way data binding make differences, and it is the major difference between React and angular. The two data binding use the dynamic UI to exchange the data according to the model data. And the one way data flow only use the single source which is the model. In the one way, data flow, only the model can change the data state.

The one-way data flow is easy to implement and understand as compared with the two-way data binding. React supports the single way data flow, Angular supports the two-way data binding and Vue supports both types of data flow as required.

Conclusion: Angular two-way data binding makes the easy understanding of the structures and preferred by the developers for easy solutions. React provides a better overview of the web application.

Results: Between React vs Angular vs Vue, the round is a tie!

Community Growth and Support between React vs Angular vs Vue

React is powered by Facebook and Angular is developed by Google, so this is obviously that both will grow with a similar speed. Both frameworks are maintaining their positions and the developers of both languages updating the versions on time and keep the frameworks up-to-date, but they do not agree when it comes to the migration. Both the frameworks come with the major changes and updates every six months and maintained the time period of update to grow faster in the market.

When it comes to Vue, it is easy to migrate tool and have the good tools for development, but when it comes to roadmap the Vue has not any particular roadmap which focuses on the frameworks versioning and their plans.

React is better than angular at particular points, but Angular known as the full development framework and React is the set of dependencies and libraries.

Conclusion: Both React and Angular, supported by many community developers and strong enough to stand on the top.

Result: Between React vs Angular vs Vue, React and Angular wins!

A Quick Comparison of Angular vs. React vs. Vue in pointers: