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In love with your iPhone? Then you must be one among those who keep waiting for the latest updates announced by the Apple for its iPhone. Update your apps for iPhone X and make your handset more useful. Here is your chance to fully enjoy the performance of 5.8 inch super retina display. Update your apps for iPhone X and get ready to take advantage of the super retina display.

The wait is over now; Apple has recently launched the OS update for its iPhone user. Here are the details of this new surprise, iPhone X simulator:

The purpose of run and test iPhone X Simulator is to ensure that the apps look great on iPhone X. Here are the things that you need to focus:

Get ready for an impressive app experience

Once you enable full-screen resolution, the app will run in full-Screen Display Mode on iPhone X. If the device’s project’s base SDK is set to iOS 11 then a user has to launch Storyboard or iPhone X launch image for optimal result. Once the simulator run you can test that UI display of the app is correct and all the elements are aligned, without any issue like overlapping, incorrectly scaled, or clipped.

Support Various Aspect Ratios and Orientations

Test your app in landscape orientation and portrait orientation. Users are suggested to test all the UI in both the orientation and for the both left and right rotation.

Enjoy videos in a better display

AVPlayerViewController ensures that the video content fully covers the iPhone X screen if there is any kind of cropping or scaling then AVPlayerViewController will automatically custom the video to fit in the screen size for better display.

Update for Face ID

If the device currently uses Touch ID, update text strings to refer to Face ID.

Download Xcode and start testing your device. Don’t wait to update your apps for iPhone X and enjoy better performance.

If you have any query regarding your existing apps updated to iPhone X and develop apps for iPhone X with elegant designs, just drop an inquiry to info@iphtechnologies.com, Our Team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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