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The demand for mobile apps is high in the market, so are the app developers. If you are a leading mobile app development service provider in India who is finding it hard to mark their market in this tough competition, then it is time to focus on Alexa ranking. Yeah, you may question why Alexa rank when there is end number of marketing platforms that could bring instant growth to the business. But if you want to expand the business using the website or your concern is to perform better in the virtual world, then focus on Alexa rank.

Webmasters put a huge emphasis on Google page rank and Alexa ranking, as these two search engines determine the website’s performance. Here we are sharing some tips that could improve Alexa ranking.

How To Increase Alexa Rank in India

Tried and Tested Methods for How To Increase Alexa Rank

Use Alexa toolbar: the first and foremost step to improve the Alexa ranking is to install the Alexa toolbar on the home page of a website. Use Alexa on all the systems, and you will experience the difference.

Claim your website: claim your website on Alexa and be prepared to avail the benefits that the search engine could offer to the website.

Hyperlink and Link building: Link building with primary keywords and secondary keywords: search engines put great emphasis on backlinks. It is not only Google that gives great value to quality and thematic backlinks, but Alexa also loves high-quality backlinks. Webmasters are suggested to create hyperlinks using primary keywords.

Link wheel: Share content snippets on social media sites; this strategy is also known as link wheels. Though no one knows how crucial they are for the website’s performance, everybody agrees that link wheel has the potential to bring change in one’s online performance.

Alexa Widget: Using an Alexa widget on a website will also help in improving the Alexa ranking of a website. Install Alexa widget, not just for the good of your website, but also create curiosity in others about what Alexa ranking is and how it improves online performance.

Forum Backlinks: The easiest way to improve your Alexa ranking is to go for forum backlinks. Create backlinks using high performing blogs. Leave backlinks in a signature and get benefit from forum backlinks it is suggested to choose forums that have a higher number of users and higher Google page rank.

If you want to expand and improve your presences as a Mobile App Development Services in India, then focusing on Alexa ranking can be a good option for you. Find a marketing expert who could help the website is performing better in Alexa ranking and give the desired impetus to your business.