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The on-demand food delivery apps like Uber Eats not only offer adaptability to fit into the strict schedule of the customers, but also freedom to order and enjoy food from anywhere and at any time. To create a Food Delivery App Like Uber which opens up profitable revenue generating options for the entrepreneurs and top-notch food delivery service medium for the consumer is a challenging task for the developers.


Some essential features for the successful development and launching of a food delivery app are:-

  • Ease in access to data through an app API by the potential customers. This data includes things like restaurant addresses, delivery times, menus, cuisines, nutritional content, and much more. Smooth data access means more customers’ engagement.

  • Management of the customer expectations level by properly displaying estimated food delivery time in an app. The application must be able to calculate delivery time automatically after taking into consideration all the possible parameters.

  • To create a food delivery app like Uber secure and convenient for your customers, integrate safe payment options in the App. App developers can include payment choices like CCA venue, PayPal, Visa or Master Card checkouts, Braintree, Stripe etc.

  • Having GPS feature for tracking your food or delivery personnel is an added advantage in your App. This feature is not only limited to Uber cabs but once food order has been placed, it is two-way functioning method can track consumer address and can inform app user about delivery personnel location. Google Maps or Map Kit are few popular API.

  • Letting consumer rate and review the delivery personnel performance will help the restaurant or food delivery center to keep an eye on their staff and prevent their market reputation from turning into dust due to any unacceptable activities.

When you decide to create a Food Delivery App Like Uber, you must remember that this app is not similar to other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Developers must understand the functioning of the app from three different mindsets or groups:-

How consumers will look your food deliver application?


When a customer first open the app, they expect to see a registration form to create their personalized account, through which they can log in any time and from anywhere. Customers create their username, the password can add favorites food preferences, profile pictures, and can one link one debit or credit card for payments. Developers must include social media account logins and keep registration simple and effective.


How consumers will look your food deliver application?

What to eat and From where to order:-

The food delivery app must highlight data with respect to close by restaurants, cuisines, discounts and deals, prices etc. App developers can include a search feature to make it convenient for the customers to find their favorites quickly by searching on the basis of specific dishes or restaurant names.

Add, Remove, or Edit the dishes:-

Customers while placing an order must be able to modify it. The application must offer a summary of their offer to give them a chance to review and cancel any item before proceeding further.

Safe payment options:-

You can add several payment options for customer convenience, but they must be safe and secure with easy and fast modes of checkouts.

Real-time order tracking:-

The food delivery app must be able to set food dropping or customer location correctly. The real-time food-tracking feature reduces customers anxiety of waiting.

Detailed review or a 5-star rating system:-

Let the customers feel empowered by sharing their true experience about the restaurants, delivery personnel, and dish.

In order to make a food delivery app real success, you can include features like social media logins, wish list, order history, estimated delivery times etc.


What does a delivery personnel expect from a food delivery application?

Building a profile:-

What does a delivery personnel expect from a food delivery application?

A freelancer delivery staff member must be registered on their version of the application. They are expected to fill out essential information and get registered through an email address, mobile number, or social media logins. The app developer must provide pass recovery option.

Booking or rejecting a delivery request:-

In order to manage the order properly, delivery personnel must have information about pickups and drop locations, size of the order etc.

These specifications are necessary for accepting or denying food delivery requests and updating his status when he books the request. To inform the waiting customer, status can be updated as; Approved/Disapproved, Order Picked, and Order Delivered.

In order to create a food delivery app like Uber which truly stands your app apart from millions of other applications, include some advanced features such as; SOS, Booking history, In-app navigation, an option to choose the shortest delivery routes.

How does the partner restaurant see the food delivery applications?

Access to the key features of the admin panel:-

This web-based portal must allow the restaurant to manage everything from orders placements to changes in delivery times or menus. Similar to customer or delivery staff, restaurants need to register themselves through the registration feature of the app and own a password to be visible n the system.

Publishing and sharing of content:-

The restaurant app users must be able to update restaurant information(open hours, contact address etc.), update menus (dishes descriptions, prices, delivery costs etc.) Orders Management:-

The app managers must be able to view the order in detail and send out notifications to customers on its acceptance and to delivery personnel when it is ready. The complete list of the orders must be visible and accessible. Once customers confirm food receiving, payment is released to the restaurants.

In order to create a food delivery app like Uber which further enhances the restaurant user’s experience, app designers can add the provision of accepting the orders when once it gets approved by delivery personnel or invoice forwarded directly as a message or e-mail to the client etc.

Some tips which food delivery app designers and developers need to follow:-

  • You should be able to clearly identify and define the right persona of the target audience. For example, do not bother about diet food if you are planning to deliver a quick delicious bite to young college going students. Uber Eats deliver a variety of cuisines.

  • The app must be simple and easy to use from customers, delivery personnel, and restaurants partners point of an angel.
  • Partnering up with the small and large restaurants and food delivery partners for expansion of the business. App developers need to focus on the right PR and social media channels along with the inbound marketing options.

  • Food delivery app development partner must be experienced enough and knowledgeable in implementing Agile Development process. Utilizing the latest frameworks, they must be able to offer comprehensive app development services like business objectives’ analysis, quality assurance and testing services, bug-free payment integrations technologies, actual launch etc.

  • Hold on to the customers for a long time by understanding the market, competitors, popular food items of a certain region etc. You can expand your app users base by first testing your food delivery app on a smaller set of audience and promoting it via multiple channels like referral programs, social media, inbound marketing etc.

  • It is necessary to create a food delivery app like Uber friendly and relevant to retain old customers and couriers partners. Lucrative discounts and ratings/reviews make customers feel valued, and they come back for more. Freedom to choose working hours and a good performance linked compensation to retain your courier’s partners.

Millennials want food to be got delivered to them at the tap of a screen. And thus, on-demand food deliver apps demand are not going to see a declining phase any sooner. In the presence of popular apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats etc., the businesses of restaurant owners are expanding day and night. Customers want more of these apps to always avail best deals and discounts on their favorite food item.