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Web & mobile application testing is a part of the development process to make sure that all the codes are working to write without any bugs and technical errors. There are two ways of testing the application’s lifecycle: Manual testing and automation testing. Both are applicable techniques of testing the application workflow, but if we talk about the manual testing it takes too much time to test the codes and to detect the errors vice-versa as the name indicates automation testing detects the application errors fast to make it more efficient for the users.

Let us have a look at what is automation testing and how it works?

The automation testing process analyzes the entire workflow of the applications in less time and helps to enhance the work efficiency through its fast analytic process. It is an advanced automatic process of working where the testers automatically write the testing scripts and provide the fast error detection of the applications. The test automation framework of the software auto-run the suitable scripts for the applications for completing the testing process. The automation testing process also called the regeneration of the manual testing process to deliver the results in lesser time. It checks the load, performance, code and also tests the application in stress point of view.

In short, automation testing framework is a workflow of testing the web & mobile applications automatically using the AI process and provide the right & fast testing reports to increase the work efficiency.

Why test automation framework preferred the process of testing now?

Using automation testing framework adds the value in software and applications & provide better results. And also we can say automation testing process is important due to many reasons, some are below:

  • Automation testing process saves your time & money both as compared to the manual testing.
  • It is quite difficult for the manual tester to understand all the factor of testing in multilingual websites.
  • The human interaction in automation testing is zero, which means you only need to start the process, and then you can perform your other task till the testing completed.
  • Automation testing process provides the 100% correct results and detects the applications & software fast.

The automation testing framework of the automation testing is:

You have read about what is automation testing and now analyze a workflow of the process to understand it better.

  • First, it identifies the area of testing in the software.
  • Then choose it to choose the relevant or appropriate tools to test the application.
  • Testers write the testing scripts automatically and develop the test suits.
  • Then the testing of the applications executed and report delivered to for analyzing.
  • It finds and mentioned in the report all possible bugs and coding errors for updating it soon.

Automation testing framework-


Which test cases can be applied for testing with the automation process:

  • The test cases which needs lots of manual efforts to perform the testing.
  • High risk-Business critical test cases also suggested testing with the automation process.
  • The test cases which take too much time of the tester. And also can be tested by the automatic scripts testers.
  • The test cases which performed repeatedly also easily tested with this process of testing.

There are some test cases which cannot be applicable for the automation testing process like the software which is newly designed and featured with some new concepts, test cases which are based on an ad-hoc basis and the cases which needs frequent changes also not applicable for automation testing process.

Benefits of the automation testing

  • The automation testing 70% faster than the manual testing, which means it saves you lots of time.
  • The testing coverage of the automation process is wider. It provides satisfactory results for your applications.
  • The speed of executing the test is very fast and also works will the accuracy.
  • The automation testing supports several applications which save your money for the testing different software and applications at a single platform.
  • The test scripts of the testers can be re-usable for testing other software.
  • It reduces your cost of application testing.


Here below, we have explained to you that what is automation testing. And its benefits and why it is preferred for testing. And if we analyze all the above things that we can conclude here that to save your time & money and to detect the errors of the applications and software the best way of automation testing process.

Also, the process of automatic testing follows a particular framework to make the testing results accurate. The test tool selection of the automation process is very much correct, and also it shows that technology scopes save the manual efforts and time to perform other important tasks. You can now choose the better way of testing your codes and errors in less time & resolve them for fast work deliveries.