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How is Augmented Reality Different from Virtual Reality?

While people, enjoy both Augmented and Virtual Reality yet times they dive deep into details of these two realities and get confused. Also, for those who want to earn some money by learning new technology. They should know the difference between these two so that they could plan the roadmap for their success. Coming to details, augmented reality is often referred to the technology. And with the help of which you could see text messages on top of images or videos. It is not reality yet you would not be able to find it to be dual layer. Virtual reality is technology with which you could enjoy simulation of the world around you.

Augmented Reality Vs. Virtual Reality

To say, both of these are quite in reverse or are said to be in inverse reflections. What does it mean? Augmented reality would bring in some virtual images or virtual pictures on real world video that you see, whereas Virtual reality would be a digital recreation of real world. How close these are related to reality? The answer to this question should give you a clarity, in the sense, that augmentation would only add a layer of virtual images on top of real world videos whereas virtual reality would recreate the whole of real world.

Virtual Reality: Spreading its Wings

How could both these realities be accessible by people? Many people would be able to enjoy augmented reality. As it could be done through apps that could be installed on your smart phone. Virtual reality seems to be available only for few people who could afford paying for these services. For example, everyone who have smart phone in their hand could just find those apps that are of augmented reality type, install them and enjoy the fun that these apps give you. However, virtual reality is an experience which people could enjoy. When they go to amusement parks, play areas in shopping malls, casinos or depending on how catchy is the location.

How they differ in purpose?

Is there a purpose of these technologies? Well, virtual reality to say is simulation and hence is definitely good at providing entertainment and amusement to people. It also has the added advantage of pilots doing their learning of driving with these simulations. As they would get real world experience of driving a flight. It would help overcome fear of flying at heights in the sky. Now coming to augmented reality it could be considered as purely entertainment source.

Cost Factor

How could they be differentiated on cost aspect? Obviously, people who want to try virtual reality would have to visit a location where such set up is made and is readily served to people visiting this location. Usually, closed visors are used for this purpose. Augmented reality on the other hand could be experienced in a better quality from smartphones or iPhone or from the best quality laptops with high-end configuration.

How thrilling is the experience that comes with these realities? With virtual reality you would be submerged or immersed into real world scenario and hence you could enjoy the same sort of hilarious experience of scuba diving or paragliding. These sorts of experiences would be too costly if you have to do them in real world. So, with virtual reality you could get similar kind of experience and at low cost. But, with Augmented Reality Vs. Virtual Reality you may miss such wonderful experience, but it would be like enjoying ongoing fun which you could get by using apps that do well in this area.

How they are contributing in our day-to-day life?

We should agree on one thing, that both these realities are today embedded one on top of another. For example, the virtual reality paragliding experience could be made better with some key instructions provided to you on what you are seeing after wearing those special goggles. At the same time, the sports live telecast could be augmented with score board and stimulated with what is expected of sports man in next few minutes. Of course, some cartoons could also be played on screen when a player fails to do a better job. Like this, both these realities are today getting combined to give better lively and thrilling experience to users.