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Web rankings will predict the relevance of most of the sites today, and high web rankings simple correlates to gaining more web traffic. In addition to SEO tools, the best software development company in India also tries to achieve higher-rankings of its client website in the Alexa Ranking system. Alexa Ranking system is a ranking metric used by Alexa.com and measures the web traffic on the basis of new visitors and page views.

Those websites who have secured lower Alexa rankings seem to have better page views and higher web traffic. Websites which are ranked in the top ten are successful in attracting the highest amount of web traffic across the internet.

How Alexa Ranking Works?

Alexa ranking works on 2 parameters or on two sets of data; a total number of unique/new visitors and page views. By the help of mathematical formula on, three months’ worth of global data rank on Alexa.com is analyzed. The traffic rank is updated on a regular basis, which makes Alexa rankings quite accurate. A website user cannot boost stats by clicking on the same page several times during a day to increase view counts on Alexa. The opening of the same page many times during a day will be counted as a single view. Although, online rankings can become better if a visitor visits different pages.

The best software development company in India, often make use of this beneficial internet marketing tool to keep an eye on the overall ranking of the client’s websites. They also consult clients about installation and usage of Alexa Toolbar for their web browsers. Some important features offered by this toolbar to software development companies and website owners are:-

  • Alexa Toolbar users can analyze how different blogs appeared in the past through the Payback feature.
  • The search Analytics feature can make users learn more popular keywords to expand their reach.
  • Related Links allow users to find websites which are similar to the one they are currently visiting.
  • The toolbar also has some SEO tools to facilitate simple search engine optimization of the site.

Importance of Alexa Ranking

Your website visibility or its exposure might be improved or increase through Alexa ranking. The website with better ranking attracts potential advertisement partners and beneficial marketing offers to you. This will lead to a vicious cycle where more advertisement support for your site means high web traffic, which will further result in the high search engine and Alexa rankings of your site. Blogs and personal web pages can also receive similar advantages.

Alexa’s rankings also impart valuable information to the software development companies in India for the overall working on the enhancement of website visibility. The main factors which impact site visibility are its web exposure, which can be worked through search engine optimization tools and technologies, construction of the website, and daily web traffic.

Alexa ranking is one of the highly popular internet marketing tools which can be used by the best software development company in India to check the popularity of the client website to create a quality web content to attract the target audience, and in measuring the overall success of search engine optimization.