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The idea of online shopping and online payment has become quite popular among mass, but have you ever thought how this whole procedure works. Well, explaining the concept of online payment is tricky and if you are interested in integrating online payment gateway in your Android app, then it becomes more crucial to understand how the payment system works on the app.
If you are interested in building the Android app that supports payment gateway, then you have come to the right place. Here we are explaining how to integrate payment gateway in an android app.

How to Integrate Payment Gateway in Android Application

What is Integrate Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a software solution that helps in online transactions. It allows electronic transfer of money within the application and a website. It is a payment gateway that makes it possible to transfer funds online and carry trading activity on the internet. The payment gateway supports various financial systems (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). It also validates, and verifies customer data in a quick time. Thus, mobile payment gateways represent some intermediate element between the software and financial institutions. It is a complete analog version of payment terminals in bricks-and-mortar retail stores.

Who Uses Mobile App Payment Gateways?

The online Payment gateways are more like an analog version of a physical terminal designed for accepting payments in mobile apps. Here are the major Differences between the virtual and physical terminals discussed below.

In reality, the payment gateway is designed to support secured payment, and it ensures that all the confidential data involved in the transaction it could be card number, pin or any other details are transferred as encrypted data. This system is more useful where the business party is not willing to take interest in providing security to its user’s data, but wants to provide a payment option on the app without compromising with users’ privacy and safety.

For offering secure payment gateway to the user, the merchant has to register and create an account on a chosen platform.

What is a Single Payment?

Most of the websites support single payment, as a name suggests, it allows one payment at a time. The reason merchants, as well as a user, prefer a single payment system is it allows immediate payment from a customer’s account that can be completed through PayPal or by payment card. The single payment system accepts payment through the software like PayPal or credit card/ debit card payments.

Steps for PayPal payment gateway integration in Android:

  1. The first step for  payment gateway in the android app is to set permissions to your AndroidManifest.xml file.
  2. Declare SDK service and activities in AndroidManifest.xml file.
  3. Create a Payment Configuration object for payment.
  4. Start Payment Service when activity is created and stop it upon destruction.
  5. Create the payment and launch the payment intent when making the payment button is pressed.
  6. Implement onActivityResult()
  7. Send proof of payment to servers for verification, as well as any other processing required for your business, such as fulfillment. After this point, the payment has been completed, and the user has been charged. If you can’t reach your server, it is important that you save the proof of payment and try again later.

Integrate Payment Gateway

If you are all set to explore the avenue of online earning, then make sure your website has a secure payment gateway for money transactions online. Visitors prefer to make online payment only on apps that offer a secure payment gateway. Connect with a mobile app development agency that has the expertise in integrating a payment gateway in the Android mobile app.
IPH Technologies, the leading mobile app development agency in India, can design an android app with a safe payment gateway for the merchants as well as for users. Request a quote or discuss your requirement with the experts and find the flawless solution.