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Are you an owner of a small business? Do you want to make a big business? Then, very fast, you need a website. Do you have any idea of website making? No, then this article can help you to get the concept of website making. This is very important that a business owner must know how to create a WordPress website so that they can save some money. For making WordPress website, you need web developers and designers who will allow you to follow the market trends where you can put some new things on your website. If you have put more information on your website, then your website will stay ahead of your competitor’s website. Here you can get the step-by-step procedure where you can understand how to make a website for the beginners. Those are discussing below:

Step 1:
Select the correct WordPress for your website:- There are many website platforms in the market for WordPress for beginners. In all those, Content Management System (CMS) is quite popular. It is very simple to use and familiar with Google Docs or Facebook. But this can be even simpler when you select WordPress, which get used more than 34%. WordPress is the open-source free software, and users can easily get it in WordPress.org. Moreover, this is the ultimate DIY solution of any website building. This is a more secure and SEO friendly website, which makes easy promotion.

Select the name of your new website:- You can select any name of your website, but it is suggestible that you keep your organization name, which can give better brand-ability.

1. WordPress optimizes with a reputable web host called Bluehost. This makes sure that you can a unique name, and this will also be easy to remember.
2. Not only so much, Bluehost even install your new WordPress manually where you will receive an email. You will also have a separate login ID and password. It will also teach you to create a customer profile and begin your work.

Step 3:
Need to get familiar with WordPress UI:
User needs to log in to the WordPress user panel, www.YOURDOMAIN.COM/wp-admin/. You already have the access credential, which you need to apply, then you can log in successfully.

1. After that, you will get the welcome message, then you can see the current status of your site.
2. You can create a block post and upload an image.
3. You need to create a sub-page, where you can moderate comments.
4. For getting a good appearance, you need to change the site design.
5. After that, you need to install new plugins.
6. Then you need to go to the admin panel and finally settings.
7. After reaching the settings, you need to set permalinks, website title, tagline, timezone, etc.

Step 4:
Select a theme to design website:
You can select the theme very easily through the official directory of WordPress.org. You need to take the available one.

1. You need to go to the appearance and the themes. After that, Add New button will pop up, and you need to click on it.
2. There you need to input the name, and you get the list. Then select whichever you wish to take.
3. After clicking, a welcome button will appear. If you want, you can even customize. You also need to take care of your site typography, and for that, you will get the option like Appearance Setting,  then you need to click the Typography.
4. You can change the color as per your wish.

Step 5:
Need to be a plugin to extend website ability:
You can use the app and be plugging through your iPhone. If you cannot do this option, then there are some plugins through which you can make a website by yourself.

1. Yoast SEO helps to get access generally.
2. Google Analytics helps to get more traffic.
3. Word fence Security improves security.
4. Updrafts get the backup of your website.
5. Optimal to optimize the image.
6. WP Forms is an interactive contact form of your website.


Step 6:
Need to create a basic page:-
This is a very important part for WordPress website tutorial. Here, the user needs to create a page to be in the first place. You need to click on the Pages, then you need to click the Add New.

1. Need to make a headline.
2. Body section for content brief.
3. Need to creation image.
4. User has to be familiar with HTML code.
5. There is a Publish section to publish the page.
You also need to consider a few things while creating like privacy policy, portfolio, store, etc.

Step 7:
Need to start a blog:-
Blog is nothing but content marketing. This is a very important part of WordPress blogging. Most of the marketers say that blogging is their strength, which provides them top inbound marketing priority. The user needs to publish the new blog daily to keep more active on his website.
Whenever you create a new blog post, you need to do posts then add a new option after that you need to click on it.

Step 8:
Need to adjust the site navigation:
Now, your key page is online, so this is the time when you need to adjust site navigation to get more visitors. For doing that, you need to focus on two things. Those are following below:

1. Menus: You need to go to Appearance and then Menus in your dashboard. After that, you need to select add to a menu, then all settings appear. Do not forget to choose some key pages. You can also change the place of the panel and reorder them. After placing the content, you need to click the save Menu option.
2. Widgets: You need to select the Appearance then Widgets in the dashboard. You also need to fill the widget area by drag-and-drop option.

This is all about to create a website. You’re no need to hire any WordPress Development Company, you can do it by following the above procedure. This is a very budget-friendly solution where it is very useful for the new beginner.