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AI Specialization and Computer: Long Way to Go:

Artificial Intelligence; the concept is to introduce intelligence artificially in devices and make them more user-friendly. AI is the branch of computer science and its concern to make machines behave like a human so that they can prove more beneficial for humanity. The term artificial intelligence was first used by McCarthy in 1956 at MIT.

Can Computers Exhibit Full AI?

Now the big question is can devices like a computer can show full artificial intelligence. The advancement of the development of artificial intelligence in a computer can be measured through computer games. The computer-based chess program can now defeat their human competitors. Though, the machines are still lagging behind in the usage of AI and there is no computer with 100% artificial intelligence.

What is AI Technique?

Today, we are surrounded by unlimited data and information, and it has become difficult to manage this knowledge and information as the information that we have

  • Volume is huge.
  • Knowledge and data are scattered.
  • It is dynamic in nature and keeps changing.

With the help of AI Technique, it is possible to organize and use the knowledge efficiently in such a way that a 

  • It can be used by humans.
  • It becomes easier to correct errors.
  • The information can be used even if it is incomplete.

AI techniques make it possible to speed up the execution of the complex program.

Artificial intelligence includes the following areas of specialization:

Games playing:

Computers are programmed to play games against a human.

Expert systems:

Computers are now programmed to take a decision based on a real-life situation. It can help in diagnosing the disease based on symptoms, and it helps doctors in identifying the disease. Now, it has become possible to program a computer to work as an expert system. Â There are applications designed with the combination of machine, software, and special information to provide a certain task. These machines can perform reasoning, and it could provide advice to the users.

Natural language:

Earlier computers were able to understand only machine languages, but with AI, it has become possible to program computers that can understand natural human languages.


In robotics, the computers can see, hear and respond to other sensory stimuli. Robots can successfully perform the tasks assigned by a human. These computers have efficient processors, multiple sensors and huge memory, to exhibit intelligence. The best thing is, The robot can learn from their mistakes.

Natural Language and Voice Recognition:

With natural language processing, it would become easier to interact with the computer even if a person does not specialize in computer-related knowledge. Just talk to in human language and your computer will get the input. Today, we have virtual assistants like Siri and Google Talk that take human language instructions and provide an output accordingly. There is a long way to go in exploring opportunity stored in Natural Language and Voice Recognition.

Vision Systems:

With the help of the AI, it is possible to create a system that, interpret and comprehend visual input on the computer. For example, drone.

Handwriting Recognition:

With the help of AI, it is possible to make counter smart enough to recognize handwriting. It can read the text written with a pen or on screen with a stylus and convert it into editable text.

AI has lots more to offer to humanity. The task of tech geeks is to find out how combining AI with the computer can make things easier. The smart use of artificial intelligence can prove beneficial in saving time, money and resources.

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