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The client is a company that does mobile and web development for businesses in Brisbane and around. They generally work on value addition apps and have worked with a variety of companies belonging to different industries. They outsource a lot of work to Indian companies that help them with the mobile application development part.

They have been associated with IPHS technologies since 5-6 years now and are extremely satisfied with their timeliness, quality of work, prices, and the professional relationship that they share. They always understand the client’s requirements perfectly and deliver according to the expectations.

Profile of the company:


It is one of the most versatile companies In Brisbane engaged in creating mobile and web development applications. TAM HO has impeccable experience in working across different industrial sectors of the economy. The company focuses on delivering customized solution to the clients in Australia. Here we are taking up app development success story to get the better understanding of the industry.

How IPHS Technologies helps TAM HO in its endeavor?


IPHS Technologies, the application development company India executes varieties of state of art projects for TAM Ho as the former has outsourced all the technology based jobs to the latter. Due to an array of talented and experienced staff, IPHS offers work with strict timelines. Engineers work in tandem with the clients to comprehend the requirements and devise solutions based on the relevant specifications.



TAM ho is working on different projects with IPHS and is thrilled by the services. They not only imbibe high quality characteristics but also go a long way in delivering impeccable results to the clients. It is quite proficient in deign web apps both for Android and iOS systems.

Designers take the ownership of the project and create visually attractive web pages. They appear amazing and are optimized for indexation by the search engines. In fact, the technical expertise of IPHS is aligned with the business objectives of the clients.

Cost is the key:


The company focuses on delivering quality services at affordable rates. By sticking to the deadlines, it ensures that the web apps are launched in time. Timely development of apps goes a long way in beating the competition hands down.

Diverse range of expertise:


IPHS has designed website across different technological platforms such as Java and WordPress. The company is playing an instrumental role in developing business specific products to transform the fortunes of the clients. TAM HO uses the mobile apps of IPHS to advertise the products and services in great detail. The former is of immense help to the customers as it helps them to find the new buyers for the products.

Optimized web development model:


Application Development Company India

One of the most important attributes of IPHS Technologies is that it helps to optimize the project life cycle model. Using incremental approach, the organization designs real life prototypes within the shortest possible time frame. It tweaks the application continuously to transform it into a finished product. TAM ho projects are executed with a very high degree of efficiency to provide long term benefits to the clients.

Comprehensive analysis:


The company does not believe in designing system unless the current issue is analyzed right from the ground up. IPHS verifies and validates the demands of the clients and the problem they are facing at the work place. After detailed study, the developers provide their own suggestions to make the system more optimized.



While designing the web based inventory system, all aspects of development are taken into account. Technical platforms, the target audience, processing and displaying of information are some of the most important parameters that help to execute projects successful.

Mobile apps created by IPHS Technologies provide simple visual interface to the clients. They can download and install the software on the mobile phone and manage the business with a single click of the button.

Benefits of the mobile inventory:


  • E-commerce owners can easily choose the quantity and the type of items available in the inventory store.
  • All you need to do is to invoke the search application and find the desired products. If it is below the reorder level, place an order for the new products.
  • Analytical reporting is available on a fly to the users so that they can take decision in a seamless manner.
  • Bar scanning facility for the clients is also available to facilitate easy addition and deletion of information.
  • Customers can easily track orders from the suppliers and use the information to optimize the procurement process. They may also like to monitor the performance of the suppliers and find out the chinks in the armor.
  • One can also track orders and serial numbers in detail to get the desired results. In fact, the client can control the inventory operations without being physically present at the ware house or in the office.
  • Round the clock customer care is availability to the clients working on the system. Technical experts work over time to make the app scalable and robust for the users.


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