The concept of paperless society and growth of newspaper app development services indicates that sooner or later the paper publishing industry has to succumb to a digital platform.

It has been predicted that the publishing industry will decline at an annual rate of 2.5%. Is it petrifying? Not exactly, it is a time to turn towards magazine application development firms and learn how interactive newspaper apps can improve your market position in coming years.

The market of online readers is growing tremendously, the conventional mode of reading is no more a preferred choice, so if you want to stay connected to your current and potential readers, then it is suggested to avail the newspaper app development services and ask for magazine application development.

newspaper app development

Why web readers are growing?


  • The reader can enjoy content along with the media such as slide shows, videos, audios and web links and it enhances the reader experience.
  • They can share what they love with their friends and family instantly through social media share button.
  • Keep readers engaged in activity such as comment, rate, participate in contests and surveys.
  • The reader can set their news preference and can first read the news of their choice or interest.


Why choose IPHS Technologies for news app development?


At IPHS Technologies, we design interactive and smooth apps laced super exciting user interface that keeps the reader engaged.

Whether it is a startup, magazines or a well-established name, our super talented team would be happy to be the part of your digital journey. Request a free quote and learn how our app design can help you in expanding your business.

Well, why choose us?


We are versatile, dynamic and professional. Our motto is to deliver the best of the latest and available technology and help the clients as well as end users in exploring the full potential of the digital world.

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