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Are you facing 21 days lockdown problem? No grocery at home? Are you wondering what to eat and how to eat? Then, your issue can be solved by the Online Food Delivery Apps.

Here you can get the information about Restaurant Mobile App Development Service, which can help you to order your grocery item by sitting at home. There are a total of 15 delivery apps, which can help you during the lockdown.

1. Amazon (Grocery delivery):- This company has discontinued a low priority items and started supplying essential commodities during the lockdown. They are not only in India; they are also the best Online Food Delivery Apps in New York. They are accepting pre-paid orders and delivering things to your doorstep.

2. Flipkart (Grocery delivery):- This is just like an Amazon, delivering grocery things everywhere on a regular basis.

3. Zomato (Food Delivery):- It is covering 25 countries, and they are also in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and India. They are delivering 213 cities in India. All varieties of food they deliver like Indian, Thai, Chinese, Vegan, Keto, Quick Bites, etc. They also have a discount and offers. You also can track your food status after you complete your order.

4. Swiggy (Food Delivery):- Like Swiggy, this is one of the popular delivery apps. They are operating in 500 cities, and they are trying to reach another 100 cities. It also provides home-style meals.

5. Pizza Hut (Food Delivery):- This app is best for fast food lovers people. After they came in India, they have little change test of their items. They are operating in 100 countries, and from 55 years they are in the market. You can pay them through Google Play and App Store.


6. Super Diary (Grocery & Milk Delivery):- They are delivering major cities in India, and there is no minimum limits for the delivery items. While working, they are using proper sanitization. They also have a thermal scanner in their warehouse. If they found workers are not well, they do not allow them to work.

7. Milk Basket (Grocery & Milk delivery):- It is milk delivery application, which provides services in the six major locations in India. They have 500 dairy products, and they also deliver Egg, butter, juice, yogurt, etc. They provide contactless delivery, and they also have a daily delivery option.

8. Natural’s Basket (Grocery Delivery):- This company has resumed its services for a shorter period. They keep limited stock. If your items are available, you can order from them. They only deliver essential things with contactless delivery.

9. Daily Ninja (Grocery & Milk Delivery):- They are available in five cities in India, and they also have the daily delivery option. The user needs to place the order 11 PM, and they will receive the next day by 7 AM. They can also do the daily delivery, and when you need a weekend off, you have an option to do that.

10. Big Bazaar (Grocery Delivery):- This is a major food chain company, which is available in 120 cities. They are delivering only essential food items. In their stores, they are following properly sanitization process. They are also using a temperature scanner for the people. They are providing contactless delivery.

11. Dunzo (Grocery Delivery):- This is one more famous grocery delivery app, which has holding on eight cities. Currently, they are supplying only essential items with limited shopping things. It has picked up, and drop facility and discounts are available almost every item.

12. Big Basket:- This is another one famous food delivery app, which operates in 28 cities. It has no minimum order quantity, and the user can do contactless delivery. You can also get special offers and discounts on every item. They also have a coupon system.

13. Grofers (Grocery Delivery):- Grofers is operating in 17 cities, and they have limited shopping slots. They have many offers and discounts. If you want to donate money for COVID-19, so you can do it through their app. This app is working nicely during the lockdown period, and they have a slot for delivery. You can pay them through Google Pay.

14. Box 8 (Food Delivery):- This online app has 100+ outlets. Though they have started their business with the corporate cafeteria, but now they also do a food delivery. If you are looking for nice veg or non-veg meals, then they can deliver you at your doorstep. Starters, biryani, and quick bites are also available with them. They also have a contactless delivery option.

15. Fresh Menu (Food Delivery):- This is one of the Restaurant Mobile App Development Service in the USA. This has an option for the variety of cuisines and meals. Due to lockdown, they are providing contactless delivery. Users can make the payment through Google Play and App Store.

Fresh menu for food

Conclusion:- We hope that this article can help you during the lockdown. After that, you can go to the store, but in this period better to use them and get your work done.